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Monitor’s on-going Insights Series focuses on trends, branding and product innovations to help educate buyers of promo items, apparel and corporate gifts.

ROI or Landfill?

Will your next promo item be a keeper or get tossed in the landfill?  In a recent poll of Monitor’s Quick-Check™ Panelists, we gained valuable feedback from 18-35 year olds about their promotional product preferences and how they impact the fate of promo items once they’re in the hands of the consumer.  Here are some key findings to help brands get the most return on their promotional item investment:


Buying What Your Audience Prefers Most

It’s planning time for summer promotions and many of you are locking down event plans, firming up budgets and booking summer venues.  With that comes the need for some great promotional products to give away, so you hold a brainstorm, scan online catalogs and ask vendors for ideas. You’ve narrowed it down to your ‘Top 5’ ideas but how do you chose? How do you know which of the top picks are your best bet? (more…)

Industry Spending vs. Consumer Preference

According To Monitor’s Latest Consumer Insights Study, What Buyers Spend Does Not Always Align With Consumer Preference.

In 2012, $20 billion was spent on promotional items with the top 6 product categories listed below representing over half that spend1. It’s critical to buyers that the promo items they buy positively influence their targeted consumers. But according to Monitor’s latest Consumer Insights study, purchases don’t always align with consumer preference. Our key findings are summarized below. (more…)

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