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Monitor Insight Series > October 12th, 2013

Corporate Holiday Gifts: What Professionals Really Want

Corporate holiday gifts for employees, business partners and customers are a tried-and-true way to show appreciation for a year’s worth of collaboration and to kick off the New Year on a positive note. With the holidays fast-approaching, Monitor used its research tools and expertise to gather some valuable insights from professionals ages 25-55 who receive branded gifts. We identified what is most important to gift recipients and how these gifts impact their impression of the company giving the gift.

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Edible Gifts Are Most Preferred

Food items are your best bet. Nearly half of our survey respondents (46%) chose food items as their most preferred holiday gift over a branded product or a charitable donation. If you are considering an edible gift, taste-test the items before you buy. Also be sure to get creative on the gift packaging. After all, the experience of opening a gift can be just as satisfying as the gift itself!

Spend at least $10 – $15+

Be careful not to spend too little or it can actually hurt your brand! Almost half of professionals (42%) responded that the company should spend $10 – $15 or higher on the actual gift. Of these respondents, 39% said that it would leave them a negative impression of the company if less was spent.

Consider Charity

23% of respondents cited a charitable donation in their name as a preferred corporate holiday gift. Many stated that a charitable donation has more meaning and benefit and that it gives them a positive impression of the company. Additionally, 40% said they would prefer to see money spent on charity than to personally receive an inexpensive gift.

Other Valuable Findings

Steer clear of gifting pens, as many respondents cited pens as their least favorite company gifts. Similarly, respondents mentioned gift cards as one of their favorites if you are considering a higher end gift.

We hope these insights steer you in the right direction this holiday season. If you need any help developing concepts or executing a corporate gift program, please contact us.


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