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Are You Buying Promo Items Your Audience Prefers Most?

It’s planning time for summer promotions and many of you are locking down event plans, firming up budgets and booking summer venues.  With that comes the need for some great promotional products to give away, so you hold a brainstorm, scan online catalogs and ask vendors for ideas.

You’ve narrowed it down to your ‘Top 5’ ideas but how do you chose? How do you know which of the top picks are your best bet?

This question lead Monitor to develop its free Quick-Check™ insights study to help customers make more informed decisions when selecting promotional products. As illustrated below, we conduct demographically targeted consumers studies for specific project needs.

Which Summer Promo Item was Preferred by 49% of Consumers?


Monitor asked consumers to rank their preference among these summer promo items costing under $2.25. There were two clear top choices. Of the 100 respondents age 18-54, 49% preferred the sunglasses and 32% preferred lip balm.

Why are shades and lip balm the top choices? It appears that practical utility is a key driver; 70% of respondents said they preferred their top ranked item because it is the most useful or practical.  While can coozies and bandannas are also useful, it may be that they were less favored because people felt they’d use them infrequently.

As we often find, the most expensive promo item was not the favorite. Only 3% chose bandannas as their top choice. As you can see, this information can help a buyer channel limited budgets to more preferred items and increase impact!

Additional results are shown below:


Monitor is ready to help with your next project – whether it’s coming up with some great promo item ideas or conducting a Quick-Check™ study specific to your project, contact us.  We’d love to help!