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The Monitor Process


Monitor's insights-driven process helps our clients choose promo items that have a greater impact and save money. View Results Sample »

Quick-Check is provided at no additional cost for customers who meet order minimums.

Step 1

You Brief Monitor

Monitor Gathers Insights Fast

Call or email us, or send us a request for a custom proposal, and we will help you make some preliminary choices of promo items based on your budget, timing and the consumers you’re trying to reach.

Step 2

Monitor Gathers Insights Fast

Monitor Gathers Insights Fast

Monitor helps verify which items will have the most impact. At no additional cost to you, we will use one of our proprietary insights tools to identify which promo items your customers like best and why.

Step 3

You Order With Confidence

You Order With Confidence

Order based on an informed decision. In the same amount of time it takes most promo item companies to give you cost and delivery information, we will provide those and your consumer insights too. Our team will then manage the entire ordering process.

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