Rush Project? 3 Steps to Get Your Promo Items in 72 Hours

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No matter how much brands and agencies try to plan ahead, unforeseen circumstances often create the need for rush requests on promotional items. The good news is that innovations in the promo items industry – and our experience in exploiting those advances – often result in delivering on previously unimaginable timelines. Whether you use Monitor or not, here are three steps to help you get your rush promo products on time:

Step 1: Get Your Logo Ready

In order to ship product as quickly as possible, branding is usually limited to a 1-color, 1-location logo. Your camera-ready vector artwork with fonts converted to outlines should be prepared in advance and ready to be emailed. Providing properly formatted artwork from the start, helps immediately identify any issues such as legibility or sizing limitations and helps avoid critical delays. It also allows time to clearly define logo size, placement details and prepare a basic mock-up, as digital proofs are not provided for rush projects. Keep in mind that Pantone color matches are not usually available for rush projects, so choosing the black or white version of a logo is the safest and fastest option.

Wood Tone Sunglasses produced for Amazon – 48 hour production available

Step 2: Provide Ship to Address & Delivery Date Up Front

Missing information or information that needs to be tracked down, like shipping addresses and delivery dates, slows down a rush order and jeopardizes missing cut off times. Providing the ship to address and delivery date up front allows for shipping and sales tax estimates to be generated so the order process keeps moving quickly. Remember, whether it’s Monitor or another vendor, you will get your items faster if you limit additional communication and back-and-forth. Lastly, this delivery info gives your vendor the opportunity to identify a supplier that is closest to your shipping to location, further minimizing shipping costs and potentially avoiding express shipping charges all together. 


Stainless Steel Water Bottle produced for TikTok - 48 hour production available 

Step 3: Choose Popular Products – Like Those in Monitor’s Rush Production Catalog

Brands and agencies have the desire to buy innovative and creative products, but a rush order is not the time to take on undue risks. Instead, for rush orders, choosing readily available items is your best bet. That doesn’t mean the products need to be boring – we can help you find popular items that will have impact. Monitor has even assembled a Rush Production Catalog of just these kind of items.


Drawstring Bag produced for Yamaha – 48 hour production available

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The Best Way to Tap Current Trends for Your Promo Products

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Balancing Trends with Tradition

One of the challenges our clients face is choosing promotional items that will have a lasting impact. Over the last decade, we’ve seen that some of the most “proven” products are often ignored in search of trendier items. Keeping on-trend is an important part of building a promo items plan, but tried-and-true products should not be overlooked.

Items with Proven Impact

According to the trade association ASI, T-shirts, Drinkware, and Bags have been among the three most popular product categories in the promotional items industry over the past 10 years – combining for 32% of all promotional products sold in 2018. Their popularity is warranted as these items are among the most effective in positively influencing consumer preference, brand visibility, and shelf-life. They also tie to some of the most important fashion trends.

1) Branded T-shirts


Top Trend: Athleisure

Athleisure apparel, defined as casual, comfortable clothing designed for both exercise and everyday use, is dominating the retail fashion market. Brands can leverage this trend by choosing lightweight, soft materials such as Tri-blend or Poly Cotton coupled with athletic inspired, modern cuts.


District Thread Athleisure T-Shirts: Soft, Lightweight, Heathered, Athletic Cuts

2)      Branded Drinkware


Top Trend: Cork Accents

Cork is quickly becoming a trendy design element due to its beneficial features. Not only does it offer a modern and sophisticated look, but it is a sustainable resource that can be harvested from trees without cutting them down. Cork is antimicrobial, water resistant, and slip resistant and makes a perfect accent piece for branded drinkware.  


Sleek and Stylish 13oz Stoneware Mug and 16oz Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

3)      Branded Bags


Top Trend: Eco-Friendly Cotton Totes

Cotton totes have become the a highly popular accessory on the streets of cities across the country. They are functional, attractive, eco-friendly and provide visible branding.


5oz Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote with Long Shoulder Straps and Large Imprint Area

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The Most Underutilized Step to Save Money on Promo Items

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How Overseas Ordering Saves Money, Increases Customization, and Improves Quality

Overseas ordering of promotional products is the most effective way to save money while increasing customization and quality. The three product comparisons below – domestic vs. overseas options – demonstrate why overseas orders are often the best choice.

1) Higher Quality

Both grocery totes below are made from the same durable materials with a convenient storage pouch. The overseas option included multiple retail-quality features such as an additional color, two additional branding locations, and reinforced stitching, resulting in a higher perceived value.

Domestic Overseas


2) Better Customization

With many consumers (and brands) becoming more environmentally conscious, collapsible water bottles have become tremendously popular. Overseas suppliers offer the same type of bottle as their domestic counterparts in more shapes and styles with convenient add-on features. The full color wrap imprint allows for more valuable branding opportunities than a simple logo drop.

Domestic Overseas


In 4-6 weeks with an order minimum as low as 144 pieces, a custom hat can be produced overseas with decoration methods unavailable in the U.S. such as dye-sublimation, woven labels, and applique branding.

Domestic Overseas


3) Lower Price

Despite the recent news about the threat of import tariffs, Monitor believes that overseas orders will continue to be less expensive than domestic orders. Below is a price comparison of all products featured above, demonstrating the significant savings achieved by ordering overseas.  


To learn more about overseas ordering, to discuss your promo product needs, or to place an order, please contact us.

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