The Most Underutilized Step to Save Money on Promo Items

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How Overseas Ordering Saves Money, Increases Customization, and Improves Quality

Overseas ordering of promotional products is the most effective way to save money while increasing customization and quality. The three product comparisons below – domestic vs. overseas options – demonstrate why overseas orders are often the best choice.

1) Higher Quality

Both grocery totes below are made from the same durable materials with a convenient storage pouch. The overseas option included multiple retail-quality features such as an additional color, two additional branding locations, and reinforced stitching, resulting in a higher perceived value.

Domestic Overseas


2) Better Customization

With many consumers (and brands) becoming more environmentally conscious, collapsible water bottles have become tremendously popular. Overseas suppliers offer the same type of bottle as their domestic counterparts in more shapes and styles with convenient add-on features. The full color wrap imprint allows for more valuable branding opportunities than a simple logo drop.

Domestic Overseas


In 4-6 weeks with an order minimum as low as 144 pieces, a custom hat can be produced overseas with decoration methods unavailable in the U.S. such as dye-sublimation, woven labels, and applique branding.

Domestic Overseas


3) Lower Price

Despite the recent news about the threat of import tariffs, Monitor believes that overseas orders will continue to be less expensive than domestic orders. Below is a price comparison of all products featured above, demonstrating the significant savings achieved by ordering overseas.  


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